Device Setup

Need help setting up a new computer, phone, or even a connected thermostat? Devices not working the way they should? We’ll help you get your devices working their best.

*Included with your McAfee TechMaster Concierge Subscription. Don't have a subscription? Choose one of our purchases options below.


One time Device Setup**


1 year of McAfee® TechMaster Concierge Gold support

Stay connected on all your devices

Got a new device? Our TechMasters are just a call away! We’ll walk you through personalization, network connectivity, and make sure you get the most out of your new tablet, gaming console, smartphone, or other connected device!*


Increase security and stability with software updates

Make sure your device is running the most current software to avoid any interruptions from bugs or security threats.


Connect to a network

Whether it’s a new smartphone or a computer, no new device is complete without a network connection! We’ll get you connected to your home network, so you waste no time getting online!


Make your device unmistakably yours

We’ll walk you through setting up and personalizing your new device. From email configuration to app downloads, we’ll make sure your device is just as you like it.


IoT device setup

From online thermostats, to light bulbs, and doorbells, we’re here to make sure your IoT devices are connected and running properly.


We’ll help you:

  • Set up a new PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, printer, camcorder, MP3 player, or other digital device
  • Personalize your computer with a screensaver, preferred icon sizes, sound themes, and customized menus and task bar
  • Download, install, and set up your favorite software
  • IoT device support and troubleshooting
  • Set up your Internet and browser settings
  • Set up email accounts on Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail etc.
  • Set up and synchronize your devices with your home computer

*Additional costs per device may apply.
**Includes a single device. Setups for additional devices can be completed for an additional cost.

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