Home Network Setup

Does your PC refuse to recognize your home Wi-Fi? Having issues printing over your wireless network? Netflix not working on your Xbox? Our experts can help you with complex problems like these.


One time
Home Network Setup


1 year of McAfee® TechMaster Concierge Gold support

Guided network set up

Connecting your devices has never been easier. Get in touch with our TechMasters to set up your home network and connect all of your devices.


Help keep your family safe and secure online

We'll work with you to optimize your computer's security settings and help you decide if additional security software is for you**.


Detect and resolve network issues

Having trouble connecting and staying connected? We’ll help you troubleshoot and resolve common network errors.


Online gaming without the lag

We’ll help you optimize your network for PC and console gaming to help you compete with the best.


We can help:

  • Set up your home network* including connecting computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, and game consoles
  • Set up wired and wireless networks
  • Troubleshoot internet problems
  • Configure your network with wireless encryption and/or firewalls
  • Optimize browser security settings, like disabling automatic downloads, enabling password protection, etc.

*You must have a working router, active internet connection, LAN cables, and Internet configuration settings from your service provider.
**Security software available at an additional cost.

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