PC and Mac Troubleshooting

Are you experiencing frequent crashes or blue screen errors? Does your computer refuse to start up like normal? Our experts can help you resolve complex issues with your PC or Mac to make sure it’s running the way it should.

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One time
Tech Support for PC & Mac


1 year of McAfee® TechMaster Concierge Gold support

Remote tech support for your computer

If your computer is impossible to use due to constant crashes, errors, or connectivity issues, call us! We’ll take a deep dive with you to resolve your most complex computer issues.


Software and app crashes

Between apps that don’t stay open and ones that won’t install, when your software isn’t working, you can count on us to identify and fix your software problems.


Problems with peripherals

Can’t get your printer to connect? We’ll make sure you have the right drivers and settings enabled to connect your devices.


Operating system issues

If you can’t boot up or get a blue screen while powering on, we’ll help troubleshoot common startup issues so you can get back to enjoying your computer again!


We’ll help with:

  • App crashes
  • Operating system issues
  • Windows or OS X update issues
  • Installing service packs and security patches
  • Blue screen errors and other startup problems
  • Trouble with printers, scanners, driver-related errors etc.
  • Operating systems upgrades from Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 to Windows 10 (requires a proper license)
  • Major OS X upgrades via the Mac App Store (requires upgrade purchase)

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