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installation and setup

Having problems installing software? Do some apps crash a lot? Our experts will help download, install, and set up your favorite software in no time. We can also help troubleshoot application errors.

*Included with your McAfee TechMaster Concierge Subscription. Don't have a subscription? Choose one of our purchases options below.


One time Express Installation


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1 year of McAfee® TechMaster Concierge Gold support

Use the software you need without the headaches

Whether you are installing new software or trying to resolve issues with a current app, our TechMasters can help. We’ll make sure your software is installed and working properly so you can get back to enjoying your computer*.


Productivity software

Make sure your computer is set up for school or work with the latest editions of Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and more**.


Email and Communication software

Whether it’s a mail client like Outlook and Gmail or communication tools like Slack or Skype, we’ll get you set up to never miss a message.


Entertainment apps

From online gaming software to iTunes and other media players, we’ll help you get the most out of your computer.


Get help installing and setting up apps like:

  • Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader etc.
  • Email apps including Outlook, Mac Mail, Pegasus Mail, & Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Communications software including Skype
  • Browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, & Opera
  • Entertainment apps including media players, iTunes, Flash Player, and games

*Requires compatible software.
**Software purchase not included.

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