Improve your PC’s performance with McAfee® TechMaster support solutions. Comprehensive tech support is just a call away.


PC performance

  • Is your PC slow?
  • Does it take forever for apps to start?
  • We'll find the right solution to help you resolve even the most complex PC issue*.



Software setup

  • Apps not working?
  • Need to install new software?
  • We’ll help you download, install, and set up new apps.



Operating system

  • Frequent errors or freezes?
  • Does your PC suddenly crash?
  • We’ll fix the problem and get your PC working like it should.



Device setup

  • Need to set up a new PC, phone, or tablet?
  • Is a device not working the way it should?
  • We’ll get new devices up and running and older devices running their best.




  • Need to set up a new router?
  • Want to get devices connected to your home network?
  • We’ll help you set up your home network in no time.




  • Annoying popups or security alerts?
  • Is your computer infected so you can’t work?
  • We’ll clean up your PC and protect it so you can get back to work.



IoT & Smart device

  • Set up and install your device on your home network
  • Understand how to use your device
  • Troubleshoot basic issues


*Only available for Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, and 10.

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