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This is an important security notification: If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from McAfee TechMaster, please do not provide the caller access to any of your banking information. McAfee TechMaster would never contact customers requesting access to any banking details. If you come across such a call, please contact us immediately at 1-877-232-9911

What is McAfee

McAfee® TechMaster experts know hardware, software, and the Internet.
Solving problems is what we do, and we do it better than anyone else.


Experienced and
Certified Techs


Resolution Rate


No Fix
No Pay Guarantee


500,000 Happy
Customers and Counting

What is TechCheck?

TechCheck scans your PC to identify software & hardware issues that might impact
your PC's performance.



Typically takes less than
a minute.



Identifies all possible issues that slow your PC down.



Provides details of the
identified issues.


Instant Help

Get Instant
Tech Help

Peace of Mind Subscriptions

Concierge Gold

McAfee® Concierge Gold

Unlimited technical support for a single PC or Mac and up to
4 connected devices covering all types of issues.

1-Year Subscription


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Concierge Platinum

McAfee® Concierge Platinum

Unlimited technical support for 2 PCs or Macs and up to
4 connected devices covering all types of issues.

1-Year Subscription


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Single Incident Services


PC Tune-Up

Is your PC running slow?

Does it take forever to get your programs loaded?

We’ll help you get your PC running at optimized performance.


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Home Network

Want to setup your Wi-Fi router?

Want to get devices connected to your home network?

We'll help you setup your home devices in no time.


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Device Setup

Want to setup a new device?

Devices not working the way
they should?

We’ll help you get your devices working as they should.


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Software Installation

Applications not working?

Want to download and install a
new software?

We’ll help you download, install and activate the software apps.


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User Videos


McAfee® Concierge Gold

Concierge Gold subscription provides 1 year unlimited* tech support, 24/7. We'll help you in removing viruses, setting up devices, troubleshooting and more.


McAfee® Virus Removal

With McAfee® Virus Removal, our security experts remotely access your PC and remove viruses, spyware, and any other threats or pesky programs hiding out in your PC.


McAfee® TechCheck

Sluggish PC? Our free McAfee® TechCheck scan quickly identifies issues that might be slowing down your computer.


McAfee demonstrated to me that their team is extremely competent, knowledgeable, and professional.
Charles. VA, USA
The technician was so knowledgeable and easy to understand and seemed so happy to help us with a very stressful and difficult problem.
Hobbie. NV, USA
You are not waiting for what seems forever to talk to someone. And, they fix the problem while you watch.
William. FL, USA
They respond quickly and stay with me until I am satisfied with their service and offer suggestions to help me keep my computer safe.
Sharon. IA, USA
More professional, more knowledgeable, faster and politer!!!
Gordon. ON, Canada
The thing I was most impressed with other than the technician himself was how quickly and efficiently my problem was attended to and resolved
Rita. York, UK

How It Works



We'd connect to your computer using a secure remote connection - with your permission. You can see our techs resolve, your issues while you sit back and relax.


Troubleshoot & Fix

We use proprietary automated tools to diagnose and fix your computer problems. Our troubleshooting sessions are quick, comprehensive and efficient.



Our techs are happy to answer your technical questions during the troubleshooting process. We’ll also give you tips and tricks on how to best use your home devices.